by Ezra Buckley on September 11, 2017

Charles Manson on Crime, Law, and ATWA

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Crime is anything that’s done against your survival. Any sin that’s against your life is crime. The law is the will of God, the law should be respected and taken as Gods’ will, not something to be toyed and played with and used for bureaucratical hogwash of bull shit. The problem is; the atmosphere is dying. Anything that sins against the air is a sin against your life. Anybody that sins against the air should be considered a criminal, and any act that’s done against the air in any way at all should be considered a crime. Crime is, a war against anything, any one, any shape or form that is a threat to your survival. The World Order of the court in crime and punishment is – the air is god. Without the air we cannot survive. Anything that’s made in the law should be against the criminals that are destroying your air. The air is all you’ve got.

If you don’t come to the realization of your atmosphere….. your atmosphere is dying faster every day because everybody that is play-acting crime criminals law, courts and religions are destroying the planet earth in a holy war to destroy all life and hang it up on the cross with your dead god. You’ve got to stop all the pollution or there is no life on earth. The real war against crime is against the pollution of crime. The new world order does not need a leader, it needs intelligent life forms who can simply understand simple equations of one and one is two. Air is number one, United States Army Air force, the sky is number one. Number two, the ground, the green, the tree. The tree, if we don’t have the tree, and we don’t have the green things that give the air, we’re not going to have any air. We must consider everybody that’s at war with the trees and the animals and the water, and the wildlife, they are CRIMINALS! It’s not the people that are doing the simple little things that you’re making into crime so you can buy and sell it for movies, or buy and sell it for your personal attitudes and prejudices towards your own selves and your children, paying the production cost of some silly ass thing you wanna sell fear and buy and sell about drugs and things that are really not the problem. The problem is: you’re losing three billion trees every day for paper. Anybody that misuses the paper should be considered criminals and crime. Anybody that’s destroying the water….. like all the dams, you’ve destroyed all the rivers already. You’ve already got all them damn stupid ass swimming pools and aqueducts and reservoirs and artificial rivers that are taking up all the naturalness.

You gotta go back to nature and get rid of the artificial environment, and put the natural environment back in play, and there’s going to be millions and millions of people who are not gonna be able to make the change. The change gotta come through the law, the crime, the crooks, the courtrooms, or……. It’s gonna be, Helter Skelter. You wanted it. You wanted… Vincent Bugliosi has put his men all in Rambo and Al Pacino. All the Italians of the Italian Mafia Roman Catholic fake ass church are now on your movie star list. All the soldiers that wouldn’t fight for the United States are fighting in your Rambo movies, they’re boxing in your boxing rings, and they’re telling you all these wonderful things that you wanna hear, that you don’t consider crime, but the crooks are in charge of what you think is crime.And you’re buying and selling, teaching that to your children. You’d best look at your jackal in the zoo. Take his head and figure out how you gonna survive as jackals, how you gonna survive as deer, how you gonna survive as flies and bugs, how you gonna survive as fish and whales, how you gonna survive as trees and bushes, how you gonna survive when you can’t have nobody stand up and speak the truth about anything, lest they be knocked down and medicated, tied up on four point restraint, and called crazy and put in insane asylums, and pushed over in your childrens’ minds as being something out of line and full of shit? The people that are and gave their lives to you are still locked up, and there’s no mercy and forgiveness for the people that you call Manson Family, which was your children. Your street children, your runaway children that nobody cared about, but somebody that was just a runaway child himself, that grew up before everybody else got here. Your children are coming, and they want satisfaction. Sooner or later you’re gonna have to get in line and stop that stupid ass shit you’re playing in schools. Does that communicate? You got it?

So, every time he blocks his phone, I can’t get that message to him. He sends me his expertise, and then wants me to say what I think about Geraldo, or some silly ass thing that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t amount to anything. Just because he made a couple hundred million dollars, he thinks that’s supposed to be, that’s supposed to be really important. That’s not as important as the breath of air. In other words, the air that you breathe is more important than the money that you’re spending, because you can spend that money and end up with no air. You can spend that money and end up with no water, no trees, and if you have no mercy for the animals that you capture and put in a zoo – what kind of human? What kind of planet…. what? I mean, look at it, look at it from a coyotes’ perspective, look at it from the animals’perspective, what kind of people are here, what do we got here?

You know, how are we gonna survive as people when we can’t even let our animals survive? We spray our very bug that only cleans the air, and it’s doing our work. We spray our servants and get off on the best of us. And what’s the rest of us like? You know, there’s no mercy man, there’s only a few of you people that have shown any decency or honor or trust, you know, unless they’re making a movie or buying and selling something. So, does what I say make sense? Well I mean, if you got a law, put the law where it belongs. If you’re going to lock somebody up for smoking grass, and then you see a ship go out with a hundred tons of toxic pollution in barrels and dumping it off in the ocean. And they say, “oh were gonna fine you fifty dollars and give you a ticket for that”. You know so they give them a ticket for destroying a great percentage of the ocean, and you know, your justice is so weak….

– Charles Manson

Phone recording, 2007

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