Communique of the Wildfire Cell / Nocturnal Pyromaniac Fraction

by Ezra Buckley on August 9, 2017


Received via our contact form


Several months have passed since the Wildfire Cell (at the end of its previous phase) signed its last communique, and while we do not give any “justifications” for our motives, we feel it is worthwhile to point out that we have maintained this period of silence for purely strategic reasons.

Anyway, we have already made it clear enough that we have not claimed responsibility for every attack which we have carried out. As well as being a tactical choice in order to continue and intensify our chaotic and criminal projects without leaving so many identifiable traces for the hounds of civilized law and order, we speak of things only when it makes sense for us and pleases us to do so.

However, given some recent events, we individuals feel it is time to say a few things, and it would seem that a few things will have to be repeated for the miserable idiots who we will be addressing shortly.


We havent gone away, as some so clearly would have hoped. Oh no, quite the contrary! As we have continued to experiment, develop and grow as individuals and as a criminal organisation, our network has continued to spread across several countries in Europe. Here and elsewhere across the oceans, more and more disillusioned and bitter individualists continue to come into the misanthropic and eco-extremist fold with weapons drawn, abandoning whatever dregs remained of their former ideological associations, to confront the grim and pessimistic reality and dive headlong into the nihilistic abyss of the attack for the sake of attack.

It fills us with profound satisfaction whenever we learn that our crew has carried out more and more violent attacks, wild arson sprees, expropriations and other criminal misdeeds, which given the varying natures of these crimes naturally includes both decisive and indiscriminate attacks. Like the feral individualists who lurked on the sidelines and mingled amongst the packs of yapping dogs in Hamburg before seizing the opportunities to run amok, burn countless cars and loot some stores, spreading a bit of disorder and chaos throughout the smouldering wreck of the city.

(Shock, horror! Not everyone at the G20 summit was there with some morally-defensible philanthropic intent? If this surprises you, you are an idiot, and if this notion disturbs you, be sure to dial 325 to snitch us up to the anarcho-cops. I’m sure they’d be pleased to hear your complaints. If they’re not too busy conducting another pitiful sermon to denounce all the Egoist demons and iconoclastic turncoats who desecrate the dusty tombs of their beloved Saint Anarchy, or frantically masturbating over news of a couple of slashed tyres or some pretty pieces of cloth hanging from public bridges, that is.)

It also pleases us equally to read the words and hear of the attacks carried out by various groups and individuals, who, whilst not directly related to our network or entirely aligned to our declared personal war, have gone on the offensive without any hope of success, leaving smoking ruins out of offices, communications towers, random vehicles and the homes of the hyper-civilized in France, the UK, Denmark and more. Sending strength to our feral accomplices wherever they roam.

We also return greetings and encouragement to the groups of ITS and all the others who aim their bombs, bullets and blades at technological mass-society in all of its manifestations, from the CEOs of earth-raping corporations, the disgusting machinery, the loyal workers and whichever bastard citizen happens to get in the way.


Speaking of 325 and the now maggot-ridden corpse of the Informal Anarchist Federation, its celebrities, priests, monks and worshippers…

We do not care to “tally” and “categorize” our actions so as to fill the webpages of the “autonomous media”. We do not want to confine our wild passions to the confines of some “rational” explanation, broken down by dates, locations and so on. All of that so as to be “accepted” by people who we dont give a shit about? So that any weak-minded idiot will be able to “comprehend” the abyss that seperates us from them? Not a chance.

We dont give a fuck if some “revolutionary” media-circus censors our heretical deeds and communiques, our propaganda efforts continue in various underground publications (which do not exist on the internet), and we dont need wretches like 325 to coordinate our groups and communicate. Our uncivilized and informal war is our own, and we know fully well who our enemies are. Your indignation stirs only laughter in us.

Darko Mathers would be turning in his grave if he’d seen what a bunch of pathetic, whining, ideologically-constipated, moralistic shits you lot have become. You clowns are the new fucking indymedia! Oh wait, shit, we forgot, only you are allowed to mention certain dead people, lest their “good names” be tarnished by those outside of your little club. Though as others have already mentioned, in the past some were more close to your circles than you might care to think. Watch your backs, you snitching little cowards. Your actions have consequences.

Nothing is over.

The war continues!

Wildfire Cell / Nocturnal Pyromaniac Fraction

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