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by Ezra Buckley on April 27, 2017

(Note from us here at The Psycho Path: Some of you have written to ask if we here are ‘Anarchists’. This is probably due to the fact that we sometimes post articles from ‘Anarchist’ sources. Let us assure you, we do not follow or adhere to any kind of ‘isms’ around here and if  pushed to self-define, we would have ot say that we are simpatico with anticiv and some anarchist (notice the  case there) activities, we are in the long run chaotic-evil and we tend to cheer on anything that hastens the end of ‘civilization’ and humanity. So, when we post ‘Anarchist’ activities, don’t read too much into it and for gawd’s sake, don’t assume we’re your fucking comrades. Are you pushing at the base that props up this artifice known as, civilization? Great, we’ll probably even lend a hand. Do we want to hold hands and sing ‘We will overcome‘ while marching lockstep into a future of yet another set of bosses? No thanks. Instead of spending all your energy trying to read the tea leaves of whether or not we ‘align’ with your fucking agenda, how about you grab an ax and start chopping at the base of this fucking monolith that’s blocking the view of a civilization-free future? Pointing out something of interest is not tantamount to a 100% endorsement. Intelligent people know that. )

(Some of you may remember the original Anarchist News article about the launch of the launch of the site, earlier this year. Unfortunately, the website succumbed to inactivity and technical difficulties. But I’m pleased to say that the site has been rebooted, and is a lot nicer to use now.) is a forum for discussing all things anti-civ. Anti-civ & post-civ people are welcome, and so are anyone critical of how civilisation looks today, from transhumanists to primitivists, and anyone in between or beyond. The anti-civ-curious and anti-anti-civ people are also very much welcome — monoculture would be highly unfortunate, and eventually degenerate the website into a circlejerk. As long as you are genuinely interested in critique of civilisation, and approach conversations in good faith, you’re very welcome.

So what is civilization anyway? «Green anarchists tend to view civilization as the logic, institutions, and physical apparatus of domestication, control, and domination,» says Most leftists want to do away with the bosses, and keep the factories — seize the means of production. In anti-civ thought, this isn’t enough, the factories have got to go as well. Not all anti-civ-minded people would go that far, but common to anti-civ thought is the notion of tracing the origins of oppression much more deeply than capitalism.

The forum is about critiquing civilisation and the social control that societal institutions exercises, but it is also about how we can decivilise ourselves inside of civilization — how we can “rewild” ourselves. Perlman said that «the everyday activity of slaves reproduces slavery,» and I think that’s true. So our forum isn’t just about theory, it’s also about praxis. Both how to live more freely in your own day-to-day lives, and also how we can revolt. And if you want to post cat pics and talk about music, that’s not frowned upon either.

Anyone is free to join, and everyone is welcome. We hope you’ll consider joining the forum and sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. For wildness & anarchy!

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