They Who Marry Do Ill by Voltairine De Cleyre

by Ezra Buckley on August 29, 2017

This is the beginning of Voltairine De Cleyre’s talk “They Who Marry do Ill.”  My appreciation for this 110 year old essay begins with her nihilistic beginning.  It would be lovely if we could all agree that there is no right or wrong, that this is an anthropocentric opinion.  Is there such thing as a good racoon, a good or bad strain of the ebola virus, an evil elephant?  The obviousness of this thought is obscured by the religiosity of humans.  I freely admit that any sort of ethics that I could be accused of are really just my personal aesthetics, which I do not deny have been heavily influenced and informed by things over which I have no control: the place and time I was born, my body, and innumerous other crucial factors that have formed any myth I have an essential self with principles and beliefs.  As Voltairine says, “Now my opponents know where to find me.”  Good luck. READ MORE

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