by Ezra Buckley on November 15, 2017

The resurrected series has got off to a great start. What I want to do next is add in the additional, archonological aspects of Zeihan’s presentation in the first post.

Thing is, I’ve already done it. It is the middle third of The Devil’s Dice Game -which I presented in the Blue Mountains a few months ago.

Beyond the simple-yet-hugely-important fact that the whole presentation was an exercise in finding the others, it never felt right to put the presentation in the premium members area as I usually do. (Dominant of Witchcraft is up, by the way.) It was and remains an ‘in person’ thing, perhaps because it was my first Australian event and dealt in detail with Australia’s medium term future. It didn’t feel like a thing that exists as a separate entity outside that person-to-person space.

And maybe this is why. Maybe it’s because parts of it can live in modular fashion as analysis alongside these imperial pivots.


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