Radicals: Outsiders Changing the World by Jamie Bartlett – review

by Ezra Buckley on June 10, 2017


This thoughtful study of radical movements explores politics, sex and drugs

It’s often been said that most nonfiction books are really magazine articles blown up to enable publication. But that analysis is increasingly anachronistic. Magazines, with a few honourable exceptions, no longer run the kind of articles that form the basis for expansion to book-size.

Jamie Bartlett’s new book is a case in point – it’s a collection of disparate pieces that could, in a previous era, have been published as long magazine articles. In fact, some of them have appeared in newspapers and magazines in much shorter versions, but the only way to do them justice nowadays is in a book.

Bartlett’s uniting theme, as his title suggests, is radical approaches to life today. To this end, the author hangs out in Las Vegas with transhumanists – those who seek a hugely extended life expectancy by upgrading the human body with technology – with free love evangelicals in Portugal, anti-Islam protesters in England and Germany, and psychedelic drug users in Holland, among several other groups who don’t conform to mainstream thinking. READ MORE

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