Regarding The Blue Whale Game, A Silent House, A Sea of Whale, Wake Me Up at 2.40am and other Internet Suicide Games

by Ezra Buckley on September 23, 2017


Since we covered this phenomenon very early on we have seen traffic from search engines to this site growing in regards to the search terms:  The Blue Whale Game, A Silent House, A Sea of Whale, Wake Me Up at 2.40am all of which are the various names that the “suicide game” goes by on social media. We also receive a fair amount inquiries via our form asking if we have a “download link” for the game. In the interest of education, public interest and to have a FAQ for those of you seeking such information, here’s a post that has the relevant info. Henceforth, we will no longer be answering email regarding questions about  The Blue Whale Game, A Silent House, A Sea of Whale, Wake Me Up at 2.40am, or any other name this game may use in the future. We instead, refer you to this post.

1.) There is no “app” to download. Blue Whale is a social game and curators ‘find’ the person who generally track certain specific hashtags that catch their interest like #curatorfindme #iamawhale #thebluewhale #wakemeupat420 etc.

2.) So, no. We don’t have the “app”. Stop asking. If you’re really curious, trying using the hashtags above for a while and maybe someone will contact you. We hear Instagram, and Facebook are the hottest recruitment arenas. We also hear that there are a lot of “curators” working forums on the Darkweb, specifically those dedicated to self-harm and suicide.

3.) No, we did not start the game, but we’re flattered you think so.  Blue whale Game began in Russia in 2013 with “F57”, By Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student. He claimed that he invented the game.

A court sentenced the 22-year-old Russian creator of the Blue Whale game to three years in jail for inciting Russian youths to kill themselves.

The 22-year-old, who has now confessed to the crimes, says he thinks his victims were just ‘biological waste’ and told police  that they were ‘happy to die’ and that he was ‘cleansing society’

4.) Joining the game is achieved by invitation only. If you follow certain hashtags or join certain groups you might be offered the ability to sign up for the “game” known as Blue Whale by people known as curators. Even though the supposed creator has been jailed, we hear there are still curators in the wild, hard at work.

If you are contacted by an administrator they will assign you fifty tasks in fifty days that you have to send photographic proof of completion. This leads up to self-harm and eventually the last task which is to commit suicide.

This begs the question of those who write and ask us “what is it?”, why are you looking for something that you have no idea what it is? Do you go around poking sleeping tigers with sticks? Well, it’s none of our business. 

5.) We repeat: If you still want to know how to download the Blue Whale Suicide Game App than we would like to inform you that  Blue Whale Suicide game is not present on the internet to our knowledge, not here,  nor in google play store or on any website, on the surface web. Blue Whale Apk Link Only can be sent from an admin to the players. Stop asking us. 

That is all.

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