Scientists decipher 361-year-old ‘satan’ note using Dark Web

by Ezra Buckley on September 14, 2017

FOR more than three centuries, scholars, codebreakers and occultists have been stumped by a cryptic letter written by a Benedictine nun who claimed it was dictated by the Devil himself.

According to legend, Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione of the Palma di Montechiaro convent in southern Italy woke after a fainting spell on August 11, 1676 to find her face covered in ink.

In one hand were several letters she had penned consisting of an indecipherable mix of symbols and languages.

Sister Maria and her sisters at the convent believed they had been delivered by a demon, but were unable to make any sense of the text.

Over time, they became convinced that the letters were part of an elaborate scheme by Lucifer to turn her away from God.

Now – 361 years later – researchers at the Ludum Science Centre in Sicily claim to have decoded 15 lines of the only surviving letter using a piece of decryption code they found on the Dark Web.


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