Sinister Tarot by Christos Beest

by Ezra Buckley on September 18, 2018

The text and the pictures of the Sinister Tarot are from Christos Beest (Richard Mould) the founder of the Order of the Nine Angles, and is according to the author’s own writings “public domain” as far as documents are stated as such: ONA, and name of author. This Tarot is not for spelling, but visualisation, and attracting cosmos energies, called “Dark Gods”, according to the Tree of Wyrd. This was a present to me from Xaphan (J.F., Houston, Texas, USA). He worked hard for ONA/USA.

Copyright is an anachronistic concept. It is against the spirit of the free distribution and dissemination of information, ideas and concepts which is essential to the subversive and evolutionary strategy of the ONA. Furthermore, the production and distribution of written material in the form of printed books and pamphlets is no longer the main means of distribution and dissemination of written material.
The modern means of communication – such as the Internet – which have been developed have allowed such distribution and dissemination by other means. Nevertheless, the production of printed books remains a valuable resource.
The ONA has no interest whatsoever – and never has had an interest – in making any profit from the sale and distribution of ONA MSS, whether in book format or otherwise. For this reason there has never been any such thing as an “officially approved” or “officially published” ONA book or published item. Individuals are free to publish and distribute – and, in the case of printed material, or compilations in whatever medium, charge for – any and all ONA material, compilations of ONA material, and ONA books, such as the Deofel Quintet, without any prior approval from the ONA or authors such as Anton Long. The only authentic ONA material is that which is reproduced – by whatever means – exactly, in terms of text and illustrations (if any) as it was originally released and distributed by the ONA (typos notwithstanding). Therefore, those publishing, distributing or selling ONA material or texts as ONA material should endeavour to reproduce it accurately, without alterations or additions. In the case of compilations of ONA material, and ONA books, distributors and publishers are free to add whatever artwork or illustrations, or form of presentation, they may deem necessary provided it is made clear that such art-works or illustrations are not ONA material.

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