The Story of Donald Crowhurst, a Deity

by Ezra Buckley on October 17, 2017

I recently saw a documentary called “Deep Water” which made me fascinated by the story of Donald Crowhurst, a man who spent an amazing amount of time in complete solitude at sea, seeing as he had no life to return to, facing economic ruin and public humiliation. All he was surrounded by was an endless amount of waves and ripples, varying in force and aggression. As this was all that was present in his surroundings, it became his world. With time he began to view himself as a God, evident in his logbook entries slowly spiralling into a kind of free madness.

“I have become a second generation cosmic being, I am conceived in the womb of nature, in my own mind… In the womb of the universe. “


DOWNLOAD THE BOOK– The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

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