Warrior Up

by Ezra Buckley on December 13, 2017

“The question is no longer one of theory, but of practice: How to blockade the flows of capitalism as to halt ecological degradation and human exploitation? It may end with generalised social war, but it begins with groups of friends. Hand in hand, bands of friends can co-ordinate to halt the flow of commodities and carbon. Flexing their muscles, perhaps just first for an hour. Then a day. Then a month. The goal: forever.” – Introduction to the Apocalypse

Mini-disclaimer: As with so many things that carry the moniker “anarchist” these days, I must attach a Buyer Beware sticker here. I don’t know these people or what their primary or possible hidden agendas may be. However, as always, take note of any useable tactics that may show up via their project and put them to your own use. Also, as with so many other “anarchist projects” do not be surprised if it never advances past the stage of being a blog about an idea that fizzles, sputters and then dies.


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