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Loompanics Unlimited was an American book seller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics. The topics in their title list included drugs, weapons, anarchismsexconspiracy theories, and so on. Many of their titles describe some kind of illicit or extralegal actions, such as Counterfeit I.D. Made Easy, while others are purely informative, like Opium for the Masses. Loompanics was in business for nearly 30 years. The publisher and editor was Michael Hoy.

Mike Hoy started Loompanics Unlimited in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1975.[1][2] In 1982 he moved the business to Port Townsend, Washington, where his friend and fellow publisher R. W. Bradford had earlier relocated.[3]

In January 2006, Loompanics announced that it was going out of business, and that it was selling off its inventory. In the spring of 2006, Paladin Press announced that it acquired the rights to 40 titles previously published or sold by Loompanics, including the works of Claire WolfeEddie the Wire, and other popular Loompanics authors.[4] (Wikipedia)



FBI releases files on controversial booksellers Paladin and Loompanics

The FBI has released its files on two famously controversial publishers, Paladin Press and Loompanics Unlimited, following a FOIA request filed by Government Attic. The files suggest that the booksellers’ huge libraries of books on drugs, guns and other ultra-libertarian issues only rarely drew the FBI’s attention.

Full Story Link: https://boingboing.net/2011/07/20/fbi-releases-files-o-1.html


In 2005 the respected Northwest radical publisher Loompanics Unlimited closed their doors after 30+ years and we acquired much of their inventory, together with Last Earth Distro, Earthlight Books, and Last Word Books and Press we are attempting to fill their large shoes. Please inquire further as to additional Loompanics titles we may have available. If you are seeking publication please send us a manuscript.


The Dreccian Way

As with all things on this site, posting something does not imply full or even partial endorsement. However, we seem to have culled the majority of the knee-jerk idiots from our readership, therefore, we submit this for consideration of the useful parts. The rest please feel free to discard.


This 214 page PDF is the foundation of The Dreccian Way of ONA. The pdf-book begins with an essay Audun wrote a few years ago at his Severance Sun wordpress. Most of the major works regarding the Drecc written by several ONA people have also been included here. Along with this are a few new things which have been added to turn this developing Outer Form into a functioning ONA Form of its own. This pdf-book contains everything needed to Live the Dreccian Way.

The pdf-book includes the following PDFs:

1. Thus Spake Audun [1]

2. Umbra Magna

3. Labyrinthos Mythologicus

4. We, The Drecc

5. The Drecc

6. The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

7. The Exeatic Way

8. A Sinister Sport

9. The ABC Rite

10. Posse Comitatus

11. The Geryne of Satan

12. Eira

13. Exeat

14. Ceremonies of the Dreccian Way

15. Dreccian Doctrines & Disciplines [2]

16. An Introduction To Reichsfolk

17. Ethical National-Socialism


[1]: The title is one given later to the essay Audun wrote which originally did not seem to have a title.

[2]: âDoctrines and Disciplinesâ is an English translation of two words associated with the Theravada Buddhist Tipitaka, these being Dhamma [doctrine] and Vinaya [Discipline].

The dark web puts a new twist on the age-old practice of counterfeiting

When Secret Service Agent Matthew Britsch began trawling for major counterfeiters in the shadowy marketplaces of the dark web, he acted like any smart consumer on eBay — he studied the reviews.

Britsch knew he had struck gold when he found Billmaker, the online moniker of an anonymous counterfeiter who promised a high-quality $100 bill and a money-back guarantee. He even had a loyal fan base who praised his work and customer service with scores of positive reviews.

“Very good quality and got here quick,” one gushed.

“All passed with no issue whatsoever,” another wrote, approvingly. “FRESH CLEAN BILLS!” agreed a third.

“Billmaker was a five-star guy,” said Britsch. “He wanted those five-star reviews to help him sell more bills. That was clearly his goal.”

The agent clicked “buy” and in September 2017 purchased four fake $100 bills for $120 in bitcoin, the online cryptocurrency. The counterfeits arrived on time and were as good as promised.

An analysis by Secret Service experts linked the fraudulent bills to thousands of others that had been passed with a total face value of $4.1 million. That made Billmaker the nation’s most prolific domestic counterfeiter.