Xen: The Zen of the Other

Xen: The Zen of the Other

In a world devoid of rites of passage, Ezra Buckley finds himself confronted with the very real prospect of having a life-changing, Liminal experience in the woods of Big Sur. Will he survive it? Is it even real?

Xen is a work that confronts the questions of identity, modernity, life, the other, and the place for rites of passage in the modern world. Xen is a work of deindustrial magical realism.

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For the cash strapped, there are several free versions here or here.

This book will only be available on Amazon until the currently in-production audio play/ebook combo comes out on the Veil of Thorns record label in a few months.


“…wildly creative experiments with form…through a down-to-earth lens and with a sense of humor. … I felt spoken to many times as Ezra articulated his own frustrations with life and with his own expectations of the world.” – DAVID AMITO, award-winning Actor. Writer, Producer, Director of Antrum