They’re the darkest places on the dark web – ‘Red Room’ sites where ‘Pay per View’ viewers part with Bitcoin to watch scenes of unimaginable horror.

Urban legends about the existence of ‘Red Rooms’ have circulated for years – but as yet, there’s no evidence that they exist.‘Red Room’ sites, the story goes, are darkweb sites where users pay thousands – or tens of thousands – to watch rapes and murders live.

If ‘Pay per View’ torture sites do exist, it’s almost certain that they don’t work via Tor (the software used to access dark web sites) – which is too slow to stream video live.

The term ‘Red Room’ has been around on the internet for more than  decade – thought to originate either from ‘red rum’/’murder’, or from the 1983 horror film Videodrome, where torture is shown live on satellite TV in a red-painted room.

One case which suggests that there might be sites where people pay to view videos of torture is the case of Peter Scully, a paedophile currently facing trial in the Philippines.

Users of a paedophile site reportedly paid up to $10,000 to watch videos of Scully’s abuse and torture of a young child – one of a series of videos produced by Scully’s company, No Limits Fun.


The video Daisy’s Destruction – widely discussed on forums and on Reddit – is not actually a snuff film, but features horrifying abuse and sexual assault of a young child.

It was streamed on so-called ‘Hurtcore’ paedophile sites – where paedophiles watch torture and abuse of children and babies.

Its creator, Peter Scully, is in jail in the Philippines.

The video called ‘Daisy’s Destruction’ showed the baby girl being tied upside down by her feet, sexually assaulted and beaten by Scully and a masked woman.

In the series of videos, she is whipped and assaulted with sex toys by Peter Scully’s girlfriend – who he met when she herself was a child prostitute.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the footage was so horrific police called it ‘the worst we have encountered in our years campaigning against child pornography.’

Reports that the video feature ‘Daisy’ being killed are inaccurate – while human remains were discovered at one of Peter Scully’s homes, the girl from the film was rescued alive.

The videos were streamed via a paedophile website which hosted torture videos, called Hurt 2 The Core – which boasted 15,000 videos downloads daily.

The worst paedophiles – those who uploaded their own material – gained access to a Producer’s Lounge, with the most offensive material.