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One of the patron saints of this site, Uncle Ted.

The beginning of the Unabomber’s campaign of terror from 1978 to 1985; a look into his childhood to discover what might have turned a young mathematical genius with few friends into a sociopathic terrorist.



Someone else who gets it

There is a podcast that a friend of mine turned me, who’s creator clearly gets the ethos of this website. It will cost you $5 to dig through the podcast archives and pull these up but trust us when we say, it’s worth it.

#91: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Black Devouring Star (around the 35-minute mark when he begins to talk about terrorism as art)

#102: Terrorism as Public Art, pt. 1

#103: Mannequins with Kill Appeal (Terrorism as Public Art #2)

#104: He Felt the Marble Rising in His Veins (Terrorism as Public Art #3)

Second monarch butterfly sanctuary worker found dead in Mexico

Body of part-time tour guide Raúl Hernández found days after that of reserve manager Homero Gómez González in Michoacán

A man stands next to the grave of Raúl Hernández, a tour guide working at a famous butterfly reserve in the western state of Michoacán whose body was found on Saturday, at a cemetery in Angangueo, Mexico. Photograph: Alan Ortega/Reuters

Officials in the state of Michoacán said they were unsure if the two deaths were linked – or related to the men’s work in the butterfly reserve. The state has seen a rising tide of violence in recent years, and the region around the monarch butterfly reserve has been rife with illegal logging, despite a ban imposed to protect the monarchs, which winter in the pine- and fir-covered hills.

Some illegal clearcutting is also carried out to allow for the planting of avocado orchards – one of Mexico’s most lucrative crops and an important part of Michoacán’s economy.

The deaths again called attention to the disturbing trend in Mexico of environmental defenders being killed as they come into conflict with developers or local crime groups, who often have political and police protection.

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/03/mexico-second-monarch-butterfly-sanctuary-worker-found-murdered

Night Forest Journal Issue #2

Night Forest Journal Issue 2 is here!

Little over a year since Issue 1 was released, we are happy to bring this collection of poems, short stories, essays and art to you who have found this tribal space.

These words are for rebels, animals, anarchists, aestheticists and those who find the tame abhorrent.

We will let the pieces speak for themselves and encourage you to meet them, not as an attempt to provide something perfect and pure, but as personal works of raw poetic expression.

DOWNLOAD: https://nightforestpoetry.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/night-forest-issue-2-draft.pdf