Audrey Hale: Shooter’s disturbing art

Shooter’s disturbing art

Audrey Hale’s artwork included this drawing with ‘murder’ spelled backwards(AH Illustrations)
Audrey Hale’s artwork included this drawing with ‘murder’ spelled backwards
(AH Illustrations)

Disturbing artwork created by the Nashville school shooting suspect has come to light as police revealed that the killer drew a “cartoon” outlining Monday’s attack.

Hale ran an art website called AH Illustrations.

A self-portrait on Hale’s website(AH Illustrations)
A self-portrait on Hale’s website
(AH Illustrations)

Hale’s work showcased on the website ranges from the disturbing to the childlike, including a creepy drawing of Jack Nicholson in horror movie The Shining.

Chillingly, the word “MURDER” is scrawled backwards across the disturbing image, a reference to the movie.

There’s also a whole section titled “Mad World” which is filled with sprawling patterns and – perhaps more eerie given the age of Hale’s victims – there’s a whole trove of childlike images.

Audrey Hale’s artwork included this drawing with ‘murder’ spelled backwards

Another image on the website appears to show Hale’s feet with the phrase “To be a kid forever and ever” across it – as Hale is now accused of killing three small children.

The website also features a self-portrait of “Audrey the Artist” alongside a bio which describes the soon-to-be school shooter as “on a mission to change the world”.

Hale writes that “I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer who creates logos for businesses”.

The mass killer’s illustrative style is self-described as “whimsical” and with a “light-hearted feel”.

Audrey Hale’s artwork included this drawing with ‘murder’ spelled backwards

“Aside from art, I enjoy binging on video games, watching movies, and playing sports. There is a child-like part about me that loves to go run to the playground. Animals are my second passion, so I also enjoy spending time with my two cats,” Hale writes on the website, which had not been taken down as of Tuesday.

Hale, who went to art school in Nashville, is said to have used those creative skills to prepare for Monday’s mass shooting as police found a “cartoon” plan of the massacre.


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