Bretannike Rebellion

Bretannike Rebellion by Juilan Langer

I love a good story from a time before history, even if it’s not really from a time before history.

Or is it?

I have recommended the work of Julian Langer a few times, as you probably remember, and this is another of those times.

Julian has crafted a wonderful “tale of the tribe” with his new work, Bretannike Rebellion

It’s a nice, light, summer read that is short content-wise but long on thoughtfulness.

Julian and I see eye to eye on many philosophical and environmental issues, and my alter ego, Ezra Buckley, also approves of his work.

I don’t want to ruin the revelation of the work for you personally because I hate when reviewers talk too much about someone else’s work they are recommending, so in the interest of brevity, I’ll simply say, read it.

The tale is entertaining while also being thought-provoking, and the accompanying poetry pieces alone are worth the time investment.

Bretannike Rebellion belongs on your virtual or physical shelf.

Bretannike Rebellion –

-Ezra Buckley