Former Manson follower says despite murders, she still loves him: ‘I don’t think you fall out of love’

It’s been nearly 50 years since notorious cult leader Charles Manson and some of his devout followers shocked the world with a series of brutal murders, including that of “Valley of the Dolls” actress Sharon Tate, who was more than eight months pregnant at the time.

And yet, despite knowing what he’d done, one of his followers, Lynette Fromme, said she’s still in love with Manson.

“I don’t think you fall out of love,” she told ABC News. “I feel very honored to have met him, and I know how that sounds to people who think he’s the epitome of evil.”

Fromme and Dianne Lake, two members who lived with the so-called “Manson Family” for years, spoke to ABC News about how they came to know Charles Manson and how the group’s 1969 murders shaped their lives and impacted American culture.

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