4 C is probably all it will take for human extinction, and we will reach 4 C soon

“frustrated with this global inaction, the World Bank released a report on Sunday saying that without significant emissions reductions, the world’s average temperature could climb by 4°C (7.2°F) by as early as 2060. “


” The idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, “the end of living and the beginning of survival” for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.”


“Oil giants Shell and BP are planning for global temperatures to rise as much as 5°C by the middle of the century.”


SOURCE: https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/

Is Extinction Bad?

While the process of human extinction is regrettable, the prospect of a world without humans is not

David Benatar | Professor of Philosophy at Cape Town University; author of Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Existence.
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LINK: https://iainews.iai.tv/articles/is-extinction-bad-auid-1189?

Thomas Ligotti and the Derangement of Creation

Forgive me if I seem … not myself. I’ve been traveling in dark realms, lurking in shadows, trembling in liminal spaces where the imagination turns on itself and consciousness seems more a burden than a blessing. I have glimpsed, however briefly, the invisible, the unspeakable, the unknowable. In short, I have been reading Thomas Ligotti.

If you haven’t heard of Thomas Ligotti, you’re not alone. Despite winning three Braham Stoker Awards and amassing a devoted following among fans of supernatural horror and weird fiction, the reclusive American author remains a relatively obscure figure in the contemporary literary landscape.

LINK: https://www.fictionunbound.com/blog/thomas-ligotti-and-the-derangement-of-creation

I Cut the ‘Big Five’ Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell

Gillmor teaches digital hygiene classes where he tries to get people to think about their privacy and security. He usually starts the class by asking people if they know when their phones are communicating with cell towers. “Most people say, ‘When I use it,’ but the answer is, ‘anytime it’s on,’” he says.

LINK: https://gizmodo.com/i-cut-the-big-five-tech-giants-from-my-life-it-was-hel-1831304194

Twitter Believes Oscar Winner Rami Malek May Be ‘A Serial Killer in Hiding’

Rami Malek may have recently won the Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but in a video that is circulating on social media, he is reminding us majorly of his Mr Robot‘s secretive character Elliot Alderson, in the sense that he seems to be intimidating us by his choice of life.

Rami was recently shooting for the I am a fan series of commercial for Mandarin Oriental when he made his rather incomprehensible interests clear to us. Personal choices apart, Twiterrati are obsessively cued into the speculative theories that Rami may be “a serial killer in hiding.” It’s hard to say what makes the video so disconcerting but there’s something freaky still in the blank way that he delivers his ‘I like’ monologue. Can we blame them, after watching the video!

LINK: https://www.news18.com/news/movies/twitter-believes-oscar-winner-rami-malek-may-be-a-serial-killer-in-hiding-2053269.html

Explosive packages found at Heathrow, Waterloo and London City Airport

The device sent to Heathrow Airport caught fire when staff opened it

Counter-terror police are investigating three packages containing explosives found at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Waterloo station.

LINK: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-47457477