Video shows moment cops kill Connor Betts during Dayton massacre

Video captures the moment hero cops shoot and kill Connor Betts during his murderous rampage in Dayton, Ohio — with him collapsing just steps from the front door of a packed bar.

Surveillance footage shows dozens of joyful revelers, some hugging warmly, forced to suddenly flee for their lives as the masked 24-year-old starts firing his legally purchased AR-15-style rifle with magazines capable of holding at least 100 rounds of ammunition.

Betts can be seen wearing a bulletproof vest as he races toward a bar with his rifle raised.

But he collapses just steps from the front door as cops gun him down.

Another angle shows at least six officers rushing forward with guns drawn, with officials saying they were able to stop Betts just 30 seconds after the massacre started.

He was still able to kill nine people — including his own sister — and wound 27 more in his rampage just after 1 a.m. in Dayton’s popular nightlife district.

“We will never know how many lives were saved,” Gov. Mike DeWine said at a Sunday afternoon press conference. “The assailant was obviously very, very close to being able to kill dozens and dozens more people.”


Russian Tactical Lessons Learned Fighting Chechen Separatists

Russian Tactical Lessons Learned Fighting Chechen
Timothy L. Thomas
To cite this article: Timothy L. Thomas (2005) Russian Tactical Lessons Learned
Fighting Chechen Separatists, Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 18:4, 731-766,

DOI: 10.1080/13518040500355015
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 Russian Tactical Lessons Learned Fighting Chechen Separatists

Here’s the True Story Behind Lena Dunham’s Unnerving Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Character

Catherine Share, who inspired Gypsy in the film, is speaking out about Manson in the upcoming special “Manson: The Women.”

In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a fictionalized version of Charles Manson and his followers play a supporting role to the story of two fictional characters (Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt) in the entertainment industry. Quentin Tarantino took a lot of liberties with the story of the so-called Manson Family, some of whom ultimately carried out the murders of actress Sharon Tate and four others the night of August 8, 1969. But many of the characters in the movie are based on real people.


FBI says ‘Pink Lady Bandit,’ who robbed multiple banks along the East Coast, has been arrested

Police in Charlotte arrested 35-year-old Circe Baez and her suspected accomplice, 38-year-old Alexis Morales, on Sunday, the FBI said. (Pitt County Sheriff’s Office)

She robbed multiple banks in several states along the East Coast, armed with notes demanding money from tellers — and, the authorities say, a “distinctive pink handbag.”

And now, the FBI says, the woman whom the bureau nicknamed the “Pink Lady Bandit” has been captured.


Armed men steal $40 million of gold, metals from Brazil airport

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Armed men stole $40 million of gold and other precious metals on Thursday from a Sao Paulo cargo terminal at South America’s busiest airport, taking two hostages, police said.


The coming deepfakes threat to businesses

Oh, yes. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

In the first signs of a mounting threat, criminals are starting to use deepfakes — starting with AI-generated audio — to impersonate CEOs and steal millions from companies, which are largely unprepared to combat them.


Space invader: Asteroid closer than moon zooms past Earth

Earth got an unwelcome visitor Wednesday when an asteroid as massive as Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza zipped closer to us than the moon.

Actually, three asteroids flew within hailing distance of the planet Wednesday morning, but 2019 OD was the closest, crossing Earth’s orbit at a relatively scant 222,164 miles away — or about 17,000 miles closer than our moon, according to NASA.

At its greatest point, the asteroid is 393 feet wide and was hurtling through space at an extraordinary 43,000 mph.


Members of the Manson Family Speak in New Oxygen Special Manson: The Women

The women who followed Charles Manson are speaking out.

E! News has your exclusive sneak peek at Manson: The Women, a new Oxygen special premiering August 10, which features interviews with four women who belonged to the Manson family—Dianne Lake, Catherine Share, Sandra Good and Lynette Fromme—as well as experts, including Lis Wiehl, Nikki Meredith and Deborah Herman, weighing in on the infamous murders.

“What was it about Charlie Manson that made these women join his family?” Wiehl asks.

The special aims to answer that very question.

“I never saw fulfillment and happiness in the people I looked up to,” Good, aka Blue, says in the trailer below. “I’d say meeting Manson saved my life. I’m thankful.”


Silk Road drug dealer caught trying to wash $19 million bitcoin

A man was arrested on July 18 for trying to launder $19 million of bitcoin earned on the darknet drug marketplace Silk Road. Hugh Haney faces one charge of money laundering and one count of engaging in a financial transaction using illegally-gotten gains. If guilty, he could face up to 30 years behind bars.

Homeland Security identified Haney after he allegedly moved stolen funds to an unidentified crypto exchange. Haney claimed the large amounts of bitcoin were proceeds from bitcoin mining, but Homeland Security says it has evidence which can trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain back to the Silk Road. Once the bitcoin—which was earned between 2012 and 2013—was transferred into cash, Homeland Security officers say that’s when they seized the money.

Silk Road was one of the original and most popular darknet marketplaces for buying and selling drugs, and other illegal (and legal) items. It was shut down by the FBI in 2013 and its founder Ross Ulbricht was later sentenced to life in prison without parole. In its two and a half year lifespan, it was reported to have more than 100,000 customers.

Silk Road to redemption: Will Trump pardon Ross Ulbricht?

While Silk Road has long since deceased, the dark web continues to be a popular place for bitcoin. According to Chainalysis, more than $600 million worth of bitcoin was funneled into the dark web in 2018. But, the proportion of bitcoin being used for ilicit activities compared to legal ones has plummeted from nearly seven percent in 2012, to a fraction of a percent today.  Crime in crypto, it seems, still pays.


All at sea. John McAfee goes dark again, claims CIA in pursuit

Cyber security pioneer, crypto bull and 2020 US presidential candidate John McAfee is on the move again. In a tweet on Friday, in which he can be seen brandishing a gun, he claimed that the CIA had attempted to “collect” him and his wife Janice. “We are at sea now…I will continue to be dark for the next few days,” he said. The CIA has attempted to collect us. We are at sea now and will report more soon. I will continue to be dark for the next few days. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 19, 2019 We’ve been here before, of course. Last month, McAfee said that he was going dark “for at least 48 hours”. This followed onThe post All at sea. John McAfee goes dark again, claims CIA in pursuit appeared first on Coin Rivet.