The Suffocating Void: Domestication and Pathological Distraction – Kevin Tucker

The Suffocating Void: Domestication and Pathological Distraction – Kevin Tucker
From Black and Green Review no. 1, Spring 2015.
Read by Ryan Morgan of Paper Crane Audio.

The Suffocating Void is an anarcho-primitivist critique of the role social networking has played in the advancement of civilization through late modernity. An anti-technological look at how the widely unnoticed revolution of the digital/interface age has furthered the domestication process leading us further down the path of distracted dissatisfaction.

For the text with citations, click here: The Suffocating Void at the anarchist library


3 thoughts on “The Suffocating Void: Domestication and Pathological Distraction – Kevin Tucker”

  1. A Lovecraftian vignette:

    I just had breakfast with an old friend, who by all appearance has gone quite insane. He sat down, we exchanged pleasantries and then ordered. It was then that the bizarre behavior began to manifest. He pulled a small rectangle of glass with a steel backing out of his pocket and proceeded to spend the rest of our time together tapping the glass side, staring at it with a look of consternation and even occasionally talking to it! Having read about intervention approaches one should use when encountering a person in the throes of a schizophrenic break with reality, I asked gently: “Who is that?”, in an attempt to identify with him and show myself in sync with the delusion. I surmised that this would be a gentler way to interject myself into the delusional feedback loop, rather than attempting a full on breach which could, in theory, result in a irreversible break down. “My wife”, he answered and it was then that I lost all hope of retrieving my friend from the abyss of madness…

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