The new clues that suggest missing Manic Street Preacher Richey Edwards staged his own disappearance

Sensational new evidence is unearthed in a book to be published next week

A number of sensational new clues have been unearthed in the case of missing Manic Street Preachersrock star Richey Edwards.

They have come to light in a new book to be published next week.


Alexander Pichushkin “The Chessboard Killer” : Serial Killer Documentary

Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin, nicknamed “The Chessboard Killer,” was caught in Moscow and convicted in 2007 of killing 48 people. Following his arrest the police discovered a chessboard with dates on all but two of the squares, apparently connected to the murders he committed. Due to the gruesomeness and number of murders, Russians considered reinstating the death penalty.

Can true crime finally solve the case of the Zodiac Killer? Podcasts of the week

The story of the notorious 60s-era US serial killer offers lots of mileage for an investigation that spills small-town secrets and spares no grisly details


Night Forest Journal Issue 1

Editor’s note: TPRPP member, Ezra Buckley has an essay in this journal along with many other writers.

Announcement for Night Forest Journal issue 1
Attention radicals, anarchists, poetic-freaks, lovers of freaky poetry, savage kids, eco-nerds, feral folk, witches, individualists, nihilists, primitivists, zenarchy weirdos, rebels with tribal tendencies and the anti-political!

Night Forest Journal issue 1 is a collection of poems, stories, essays and images, for your psychic-wanderings.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in your creativity, whether that is as poetry, essays, art or short stories. We are very happy to announce that the first Night Forest Journal is complete and ready for you to read.

We the editors wanted this project to be a space of raw unapologetic desire.

What it has become is far more beautiful than we imagined it would ever be.

This space was intended also to be a confused place, caught between beauty, joy, fury and sadness.

For reasons we did not expect, we are sad not to be sharing this space with a friend. Tyler Dixon’s pieces are particularly beautiful to us, for reasons that are plain and not confusing.

The confusion we are voicing is that of being caught between the renunciation of pessimists and abjectionists, and the optimism of revolutionary’s and salvationists. Rather than either of these narratives, our authenticity is drawn towards an absurd desire for life, that is not blind to the death that is Leviathan.

We apologise for this to no one. We are not seeking to prove anything to anyone. We are aligned with no ideology or flag.

This journal is the sound of feral animals, screaming into the night.

This issue is available for free download. Anyone wishing to print it is welcome to do so.

Click the link below to download the PDF



How True Detective season three apes true crime podcasts

The third season, starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, is a welcome return to form, but while it purports to mock our recent obsession with true-crime shows, it actually copies them.


‘Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ Review: A Good, Standard Serial Killer Profile

With the release of so many true crime documentaries from Netflix that feature incompetent police, bungled investigations and an often, at times, unnecessary “artsy” vibes, one longs for the old days of true crime where the most interesting thing to discover was the nuts and bolts of how a famous serial killer operated. This is the best thing Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes has going for it.


Worst mass extinction event in Earth’s history was caused by global warming analogous to current climate crisis

  • The Permian period ended about 250 million years ago with the largest recorded mass extinction in Earth’s history, when a series of massive volcanic eruptions is believed to have triggered global climate change that ultimately wiped out 96 percent of marine species in an event known as the “Great Dying.”
  • According to Justin Penn, a doctoral student at the University of Washington (UW), the Permian extinction can help us understand the impacts of climate change in our own current era.
  • Penn led a team of researchers that combined models of ocean conditions and animal metabolism with paleoceanographic records to show that the Permian mass extinction was caused by rising ocean temperatures, which in turn forced the metabolism of marine animals to speed up. Increased metabolism meant increased need for oxygen, but the warmer waters could not hold enough oxygen to meet those needs, and ocean life was left gasping for breath.


Sun will turn into a crystalline ball bringing doomsday on earth: Study

The study revealed that the sun will one day turn into a crystalline ball, thus triggering doomsday on the entire solar system

Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay, a top researcher at the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics has predicted that the doomsday on the earth will be triggered when the sun will turn into a crystalline ball. The researcher made this grim prediction after discovering that white dwarf stars usually turn solid at the end of their lives.

Tremblay revealed that the sun will also face a similar fate in the future, and it will happen in about 10 billion years. It should be noted that the entire life on earth depends on the sun for its survival, and in its absence, the entire solar solar system will become totally uninhabitable.