Traducción al inglés del comunicado número 25 de ITS, esta vez surge un nuevo grupo en la ciudad norteña de Chihuahua y reivindica el certero asesinato del vicerrector del Tec de Monterrey.

En su declaración, hacen ver su profundo odio contra la civilización y se burlan de las autoridades que buscan a los responsables del homicidio.

¡Muerte, heridas y caos para los híper-civilizados!

The Technological Institute of Advanced Studies in Monterrey, better known as Tec de Monterrey, is in mourning. This past Sunday in a robbery attempt, the Vice-Rector of that house of study, Luis Arturo Torres García was murdered in the city of Chihuahua.

The northern state of Chihuahua is in itself a place of extreme violence, where murders with all sorts of motives are counted by the dozens. In fact, this past weekend, the whole state alone recorded up to 20 murders.

Northern society is corroded by violence, criminality is looked upon as just another job, it’s ridiculously easy to acquire a gun on the street, death roams about in the public plazas and in places least expected.

We are a reflection of that society. We are the perverse face of all civilization. Urban and rural darkness in its most realist expression has birthed us. We have grown up on the battle field where blood coagulates on the asphalt, and where shells are festooned all around with little notice.

We are the cruel reality of the modern era. But we are also a reflection of our nomadic ancestors who roamed on these paths barefoot under the burning sun of the desert. We are the disobedience toward the colonizers and the violent response to them. We are the coyote and the deer, the buzzard and the thorns of the mesquite, the biznaga flower and the marble mountains, the cold that burns in winter and the oppressive sun of summer. We are the windstorms, we are Wild Nature and we act like her.

We have no desire to collaborate with this system. We don’t want to be one more alienated person in this farce civilization. We express our disgust toward the alien, the artificial, and if we use technology, it is only to claim responsibility for our actions. Only that, we do not belong to any “movement” nor do we want to be “coherent” with certain political doctrines.

The extreme defense of Wild Nature demands blood, wounds, terror, and death. It is for this reason that by this letter we claim full responsibility for the murder of Luis Arturo Torres García last Sunday, February 26th. This man so devoted to his disgusting Catholic belief was leaving Santa Fe Church when we intercepted and killed him. We had to take his wife’s purse so she would not call the police. The act was interpreted as a robbery, but we clarify its real intention by this letter.

Torres, a professional par excellence, Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey, with a degree in computer systems and candidate for a doctorate from the University of Cantabria in Spain, no longer lives. We killed him with one shot from a high caliber pistol.

With this attack, we the Desert Band make our presence known in Chihuahua as one more group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).

You thought that the Eco-Extremist Mafia was going to stop expanding? We’ve already managed to extend our net to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Within Mexico, we are in Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, and Coahuila. The rest of the states were not the exception, don’t be surprised if an ITS group comes to a place near or far from you…

We are certain that this society and the Chihuahuan authorities don’t have a clue that this international terrorist group is now in its capital. We encourage them to read up a bit on us so that they know what they’re facing.

A police van has been sent, they are seeking suspects for the attack among the adjacent neighborhoods, harassing people, looking for a snitch they can pay off. By this letter we state that we know that you’re out to get us, the attack that we carried out was a severe hit to public opinion and to the wealthy people of Tec. But fuck you if you think you’ll find us. You’re gonna have to snatch the biggest dumbass you can find, because we’re far away already, fucking assholes.

Maybe to the police of Mexico, who are on the ITS case, this can sound really familiar. Only one shot to the head against a recognized professional? Sounds like the attack on Méndez Salinas in 2011 in Morelos, don’t you think?

Look and keep looking bitches, you know that all who work in the incubators of progress, in this case Tec, are a potential target.

In addition, ITS has already struck this house of studies; on April 19th, 2016, when a bomb exploded on the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Mexico City. On February 3rd of the same year explosives were detonated in the Atizapán campus and in the so-called “Tec Suits.” The most notable attack was on August 8th, 2011 when a package bomb wounded Armando Herrera Corral and Alejandro Aceves Lopez. You should know that this nightmare is not over, and even five years after that act, you’re still in our sights, even outside the center of the country.

Another death for the annals of ITS. We’ve already said that there will be more murders and we are following through with this!

With the pavement still stained with blood.

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Chihuahua

-Desert Band