Extreme neo-Nazi ‘death cults’ drawing in children as young as 13, report warns

Exclusive: Children as young as 13 being drawn into ideologies ‘harder, darker and more committed than ever before’

Neo-Nazis are getting younger and more violent in the UK as teenagers are drawn into “disturbing” movements, a report has warned.

Research by counterextremism group Hope Not Hate found that children as young as 13 were becoming involved in a new wave of organisations that are gathering support online.

“The trend towards younger, more violent Nazis is a real concern and needs to be monitored closely,” researchers said.

“The threat of far-right terrorism comes from both organised groups, like National Action, but increasingly from lone actors who get radicalised on the internet.”

Researcher Duncan Cahill said young teenagers were among those involved in emerging neo-Nazi networks, but have no clear aim

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