For our fallen brother

The Psycho Path ally and Atassa publisher has stepped over to the other side.

We’ll always be grateful for his strength and perseverance in the face of massive push back, ad hominem attacks, personal physical attacks, thefts, and even a book burning of the little tome we contributed to, Atassa 2.

I hope his Little black Cart continues to roll in his absence.

You’ll always have our respect and admiration, Aragorn!

Much of the ire regarding Little Black Cart was directed at their publication of Atassa: Readings in Eco-ExtremismAtassa was a terrifying and dangerous project and, in a world without Aragorn!, would never have happened.

Atassa was a journal collecting some of the most problematic ideas around violence as a response to environmental collapse, inspired by the Mexican illegalist post-anarchist group ITS (Individuals Tending Towards the Savage [Wild]). ITS has claimed to kill scientists, industrialists, and even fellow anarchists in the name of the Wild, not to “save” the planet for anyone but really just to embody its profound vengeance.

Atassa should never have been published, which is why I’m grateful it was published. It shouldn’t have been published because of all its problematic ideas, its dismissal of our modern distaste for indiscriminate violence, its utter ignoring of the value of our identities within modern capitalist societies (created in part because capitalist stole our other identities from us), and, well, the very problematic cover of its second issue that depicts a mesoamerican sunwheel:


What on earth did Aragorn! think he was doing, publishing such problematic material? According to lots of his detractors, he was a crypto-fascist trying to sneak Nazi propaganda into anarchist book fairs. According to others he was just trolling anarchists. And according to most who (thought they) understood his work, he was trying to get us to stop being so damn stupid.

Because of course that’s not a Nazi swastika, and a cursory glance at the myriad of ancient cultures that predate the Nazis reveals that the sunwheel was a common indigenous art trope around the world. But Aragorn! knew that not everyone would know that (or care), and he didn’t care for your ignorance or opinion about that matter.