In Search Of Ourselves

From yoga retreats to mindfulness meditation, finding ourselves is in vogue. Yet what we expect to find remains a mystery and who finds who is a self evident puzzle. Might there be no one there to find? Is the process of self-discovery a desirable and vital goal? Or just advertising spin?

The Panel

Philosopher and author of The Singularity David Chalmers joins explorer Ed Stafford and award-winning novelist Joanna Kavenna to discover what lies within.


  • David Chalmers
    Formulator of the hard problem of consciousness, philosopher of mind David Chalmers is the author of The Singularity
  • Joanna Kavenna
    Winner of the Orange First Novel prize, Kavenna’s works include A Field Guide to Reality, The Ice Museum and Inglorious. Her journalism has appeared in the Lond…
  • David Malone
    David Malone is a director and presenter of BBC and Channel 4 documentaries exploring the history and philosophy of science. His work includes Testing God and h…
  • Ed Stafford
    Ed Stafford, is an English explorer and Guinness World Record holder for being the first human ever to walk the length of the Amazon River.