Mass shooter-loving stripper threatens violent killing spree: cops

Admin’s note: Next time, stay mum until AFTER the deed is done. 😉

A Florida stripper with an affinity for serial killers and mass murderers threatened to commit a violent killing spree in a “very public place,” police said.

Brein Basarich, a 31-year-old dancer at Show Girls in Plant City — about 25 miles east of Tampa — was arrested Wednesday after posting threats of widespread carnage on her Tumblr page under the chilling username “taking-lives,” according to a police affidavit obtained by The Post.

“I had a vision … of a very public place, only one way in and one way out,” one post reads. “Preferably a bar/club on a busy night. 2019 has a lot in store if my plans go accordingly!”

When asked by another user if she had homicidal urges, investigators said, Basarich responded: “I feel at times a lot of us have urges, whether they will admit or not is the question. So yes, I have.”