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by Ezra Buckley on July 16, 2016





February 26, 2018 Flotsam-and-Jetsam

A poem by Ezra Buckley posted over at Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets Link:

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No such thing as life without bloodshed

February 6, 2018 Crime

A reading from Atassa #2  

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Atassa 2

January 18, 2018 Crime

Not necessarily the most controversial thing LBC has ever published, but certainly the publication that has caused the most furor so far. This journal gives a platform to non-anarchist, ex-anarchist, and a-anarchist, eco-extremist thought, not limited to, but including, some people who defend killing people. While neither of the two issues of this journal include […]

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December 16, 2017 Flotsam-and-Jetsam

Austin Osman Spare, a painter and draughtsman of great skill and originality, carried out researches in the sphere of occultism which have remained until now almost unknown to the world at large. On his death in 1956, however, a great quantity of material was discovered which throws much light on the psycho-magical philosophy which he […]

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Inside China’s Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking

December 15, 2017 Flotsam-and-Jetsam

America invented the three-digit credit score. Now companies in China are taking the idea to the extreme, using big data to track and rank what you do—your purchases, your pastimes, your mistakes. READ MORE

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“Pattern and Nebulosity” – with guest David Chapman

December 14, 2017 Flotsam-and-Jetsam

In this episode I talk with scientist, programmer, and author David Chapman about metarationality, emptiness and form, nihilism, tantrism, dzogchen, Kegan’s stages of development applied to meditation, vampire romance novels, and the importance of being able to switch reality tunnels. David Chapman is a writer, computer scientist, engineer, and Buddhist practitioner. He’s been practicing Vajrayana Buddhism […]

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Warrior Up

December 13, 2017 Crime

“The question is no longer one of theory, but of practice: How to blockade the flows of capitalism as to halt ecological degradation and human exploitation? It may end with generalised social war, but it begins with groups of friends. Hand in hand, bands of friends can co-ordinate to halt the flow of commodities and […]

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December 12, 2017 Flotsam-and-Jetsam

Academic philosophy departments in the West tend to teach a neat, white canon: Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche etc. Those who want to study Eastern thinkers typically have to head to the East Asian studies department. This closed-mindedness ignores both the long history of philosophical thinking outside the West, and […]

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Brick-and-Mortar Casino ‘Dark Web’ Threats Abound, Cybersecurity Report Reveals

December 11, 2017 Crime

Given the billions of dollars globally that run through the casino industry, that the dark web is home to those with an interest in attacking this market should come as no surprise. But while we might assume most cybersecurity attacks would be aimed at online operators, a new report claims that it is, in fact, […]

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Charles Manson – Air, Trees, Water, Animals (ATWA)

December 10, 2017 Crime

LINK Charles Manson founded the word ATWA.  Although he is held as a political prisoner in one of the most polluted areas in the United States, his vision of life on Earth has inspired many people worldwide to learn about living in balance with the planet.  For over 43 years, Manson has tirelessly spoken out against the destructive […]

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