Terrorism recruitment on the dark web

How do terrorists recruit people on the anonymous corner of the internet known as the dark web? We asked security expert Michael Osborne

What kind of person is susceptible to being recruited into joining a terrorist group? How do internet users become involved in online markets selling weapons, drugs and other contraband?

These are some of the questions security expert Michael Osborne is working on as part of the European project PROTON to understand criminal behaviour online. The study looks at all of the attributes necessary as a whole for terrorist recruitment and cybercrime and tries to model them. That way, we can learn what increases or decreases criminal behaviour on a large scale and inform a policy response. This means researching both on popular social media platforms and what’s known as the dark web, a part of the internet accessible only via specialised software and known for its anonymity.

LINK: http://www.youris.com/society/safety_and_security/terrorism-recruitment-on-the-dark-web.kl