‘The drum needed a blood sacrifice’: the rise of dark Nordic folk

Heilung jam with Siberian shamans and play with human bones, while Wardruna record songs submerged in rivers and on burial mounds. Now this vibrant undergound music scene is finding a wider audience

“You can almost call it method-recording or method-composing, where I’m the instrument and the themes are the composer,” says the frontman, who describes himself as animistic – a believer that all objects and living things possess their own spiritual essence. “It subtly promotes this idea that nature is something sacred. Something we are a part of, not the rulers of.”

LINK: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/16/blood-sacrifice-the-rise-of-dark-nordic-folk-heilung-wardruna?fbclid=IwAR268F_bjbS3UqqHvdCKMHZzY66o5OYPbvFHtBMwloK3W4q7RqAOs9EKwew